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Because my n****r cartoon is better than your n****r cartoon. lol that was moderatly funny


That was pretty funny. The animation was pretty good, the characters were detailed and so were the backgrounds. I liked the storyline and was well thought out. However, just one thing: the narrator was just a bit annoying. Otherwise, everything was great.

Oh, and when Bill Mays was in the womb, I so called that he would have a beard, lol. :D

Pretty good

That wasn't too bad. The animation was good, but could be better. Everyone has room to improve on their character movement. Until your helpin' Pixar animate Toy Story 4, anyone has room to improve. The voices were good (the few I heard), especially in terms of the audio quality. It was a bit short though. So keep it up, imrpove, work on your story, and never rush.

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I enjoy tycoons, and this game was fun for a flash game. I thought the CD buying and micro-managemant at that level was great. I finally got to the biggest store, filled everything up, and got a bunch of money. So with that being said, it was refreshing being able to make it to the end without getting bored. Great game.


That was cool enough. Although I enjoy airsofting, I'm too poor to do it the right way. You forgot the paintball masks.

Not to bad. Not to great.

The coding shows some moderate skill in game design. For that I give you a 5/10. However, a bad flash version of Modern Warfare 2 shows not a shred of origionality. I know your proud of this, and i would be too, but next time, use your coding skills for something much more origional. Create your own concept! It will turn out great if you do.

Lionlev responds:

Oh my god! There are much comments on the game!! I didn't knew that much people gonna play on it!
And actually I don't really proud on it.. I has some bugs and to short and isn't mine resources... I am working on my other game with my own images and stuff.
And it's MUCH better than this one.

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that was funny

MicroVirus6 responds:

thanks! i try

Pretty Nice

A bit repetitive but pretty good all around. I thought it was catchy. Keep up the good work.

Mans0n responds:

thanks for the input! glad you like it

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