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Because my n****r cartoon is better than your n****r cartoon. lol that was moderatly funny


That was pretty funny. The animation was pretty good, the characters were detailed and so were the backgrounds. I liked the storyline and was well thought out. However, just one thing: the narrator was just a bit annoying. Otherwise, everything was great.

Oh, and when Bill Mays was in the womb, I so called that he would have a beard, lol. :D

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Pretty good

That wasn't too bad. The animation was good, but could be better. Everyone has room to improve on their character movement. Until your helpin' Pixar animate Toy Story 4, anyone has room to improve. The voices were good (the few I heard), especially in terms of the audio quality. It was a bit short though. So keep it up, imrpove, work on your story, and never rush.

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That was actually pretty funny. The animation was fluent and the characters were good. It was a bit short, but I'll admit, I was pleasantly surprised.

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I love this. You need to make more. The shit in the news today would be just too much.

A great adition.

This was a humerous animation that I enjoyed very much. The voice acting was terrific and the animation was fluent. Do keep up the good work!

-The New York Times

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A fair animation.

I will be honest with you: the animation was a bit boring, and i had trouble keeping interest in it. It was choppy, and don't get me wrong, it wasn't necesarily unrealistic, but it just seems like it could be alot more fluent. Work on your technique in terms of the character's movement.

The actual props and background were relativily good. The proportions were there for the most part and that was pleasing to the senses. Everyone has room to improve, and you can find some way to improve your own style.

The sound effects were good. The music was a bit repetitive at first, but for the most part fit in. However, the sound effects and the music togeather were conflicitng. I would suggest for a music video to have no sound effects, and to instead express what the sound is with an image; for instance when the laugh box opened up, you could have laughing smiley faces coming out, or something along the lines of that; be creative.

That, I believe is the most I can suggest for this animation. I did find the storyline a bit confusing, and like I said, you can always improve. I would only say to work on how your writing skills a bit.

Overall, I give this animation a 4/4 and a 7/10. Keep practicing, and keep up the good work!

- The New York Times in conjunction with the Review request Club

EKublai responds:

Thank you for the well thought out critique!

Another Metal Gear Solid spoof.

Yet another Metal Gear Solid spoof, from, none the less, the Newgrounds community. While this isn't a bad thing, and i do enjoy a good, well thought out animation spoofing the popular series. However, this merely wasn't. This was not short and sweet. Just short. The author clearly thought, "Hmmm, I think a short clip paroday of MGS will be ok, but obviously having it about masturbation will make uo for it!" Next time I would love to see a much more origional concept.

- The New York Times in conjunction with the Review Request Club.

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Jacco responds:

Thank you, I agree it wasn't that great, and thanks for clarifying why. You gave me some good tips aswell.

A rather interesting submission.

This, in my opinion, was an inticing animation with an interesting style and catchy music. One will be kept enthralled to see the many adventures of Vince the Voodoo doll and his exploits. The animation was definetly fluent. This animation is a good find and definetly worth watching.

-The New York Times in conjuntion with the Review Request Club

Fairly good catch.

This animation had a decently well thought out conecpt, and the animation, while below par, was still entertaining enough to keep my attention. The sound effects used were a good choice, and the voices were, although somewhat low quality, completly satisfactory. Good work from Jase Lu.

-The New York Times

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