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Please check out my new youtube channel where I make my opinion videos and video responses to retards. Inspired by the amazing atheist.

My new website update

2010-11-21 12:08:48 by TheNewYorkTimes

I have transitioned into a .com address for my web design website.

So if you need cheap and effective web design come here!

New Voice Demo Reel

2010-09-09 19:12:36 by TheNewYorkTimes

Go check it out, it's in my audio section. Just a little sample of my voice "acting".

And it is more beautiful than I ever imagined it could be. Truly a quality product. Truly.

My Free AtsCow Mousepad came!

Damn it. 87338

Why! Justin Beieber can go FUCK himself for beating Jeff Bridges. JEFF. BRIDGES. My childhood hero. THE DUDE.

Es ist aus.

My Free Custom Mousepad

2010-07-25 01:18:46 by TheNewYorkTimes

It's free. And it's coming. Oh, yes. I'm excited. Get yours!

The catch is you need 50 facebook friends. Click the link, go to "Connect With Facebook", allow the app, then "Like This. Then go back and click Publish This (you need to publish along with liking it.) I finally found a use for facebook.

It was between Office Space and The Big Lebowksi. I forgot about The Big L until I ordered the Office Space one.

"What is it you do here?"

My Free Custom Mousepad

Hot off the press! Hot off the press! 1 dollar a copy!

Friday Edition of the NY Times: ACTA!

Hot off the press! 1 dollar a copy!

Thursay Edition of NY Times

Wednesday edition of the New York Times. Hot off the press. $1 a copy.

Wednesday Edition NY Times

Fire up the press!

2010-07-18 18:20:03 by TheNewYorkTimes

The New York Times is up and running, churning out reviews and forum posts. The sunday edition is an extra dollar.

Fire up the press!